TC-99A is a Mini type Fusion splicing machine and have our own intellectual property right of fiber adjustment technology
It adopts advanced PAS Fiber adjustment technology . Adopt four motors drive, have fiber adjustment function, it is not only used for FTTX project, but also can be used for the trunk line, it is a machine which is the smallest volume ,the lightest weight ,the most fast splicing speed
Hardness:The body is made from titanium alloy , and it has rubber protection function , quakeproof, waterproof, dustproof .
Fast: 7s fast splicing , 25s fast heating, support continuous heating , average efficiency improve 2~3times.
Long lifetime : 2 batteries ,200 fiber splicing ,no memory effect Lithium Batteries ,the fiber cleaver has 24 blade , long lifetime.
Convenience: convenient for maintenance.
Products Structure Introduction;
Cooling Pallet
Replaceable Heating Unit
Heating Device
Windproof Cover
Fixing Ring
USB Port
Keyboard position
Protection Rubber
Interchangeable Fiber Holders :
Fiber holders adopt Interchangeable design. we can change different fiber holders for different fiber splicing:
1、Splice-on fast connector---3x2mm drop cable
2、Splice-on fast connector---Pigtail fiber (2.0mm or 3.0mm)
3、3x2mm drop cable---3x2mm drop cable
4、3x2mm drop cable - Pigtail fiber (2.0mm or 3.0mm)
5、0.25mm Fiber---0.25mm Fiber
6、0.9mm Fiber---0.9mm Fiber

Subject Main Datasheet
Applicable Fiber SM,MM,DS,NZDS
Return Loss ≥60dB
Average Fusion Loss 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM),0.04dB(DS),0.04dB(NZDS)
Operation Mode Auto,Half auto,Manual
Fiber Diameter cladding diameter 80μm~150μm,coating diameter 100μm~1000μm
Fiber Adjustment Mode Advanced 4 axles Fiber Adjustment Mode
Pull Test Standard 2N PAS Fiber(optional)
Magnification Vertical 304times, horizontal 152times.
Image Display 4.3 inch 640*480?LCD.
Memory Capacity 2500results
Splicing Program 150
Splicing Time 7s
Heating Time Standard 25s , adjustable
Splice Loss Estimate Internal accurate measurement get the Splice loss result
Languages Standard Chinese and English, can add other languages, show full working information
Cleave Length 10~16mm(coating diameter<250μm),16mm(coating diameter?250~1000μm)
Heat Shrinkable Tube 60mm,40mm,20mm or according to requirement
Lighting Mode Internal High-brightness LED supply convenience for night work
Fiber Holder Interchangeable for fiber cleaver, fusion splicing machine and hot fiber strip device,
Electrode Lifetime Standard 4500 times, replaceable
Electricity Show LCD show the remaining electricity accurately
Battery Capacity Typically splice 200 times, charging for 3 hour
(can use when charging)
Battery Lifetime Cycle life up to 600~800 times, is replaceable by yourself
External Ports Standard USB Port
Car Power Supply 12V direct charging port, convenient for urgent charging
Power Supply Internal :lithium battery 11.1V, External Power Adapter, Input: AC100~240V, \
output: DC 13.5V/4.5A
Working Environment Temperature: -10°C~50°C ;Humidity 95%RH(40°C,no condensing) ;
Altitude: 0~5000m
Dimension L×W×H=151×130×128(mm)
Weight 2.2kg(no battery ), 2.5kg(include battery)